Dear Colleagues, choose your staff council!

Why is this so important? Because without your vote everything else wouldn't make sense. It wouldn't make sense to explain that we have the best team with our UFO list that our cabin can get. It wouldn't make sense to mention, that our team is the right blend of experience und fresh air. It wouldn't make sense to steal your time just to tell you, that our team will do more for you than any other PV has before. It wouldn't make sense to say that this is only possible due to the fact that we as UFO have reached a new collective agreement Staff Council for your right to participate in the work aboard.

Of course this is slightly over the top. However, the turnout for the PV in the past was very low. Due to the new election from a list, a lower turnout has other consequences than before: In an election from a list you have a chance to get into the staff council by fewer votes compared to the majority principle. If you want a strong PV to stand for your interests and issues, you have to vote. Because in the end there is one truth: The supporters of split fractions vote in a more unified way. Fragmentation in the PV has never been a good choice. We need your vote because we don't want to live through circumstances similar to those ten years ago when we were in a situation of suing each other. This is the only way to tackle all of the topics important to you effectively. Experience has shown us that a strong cooperation between union and staff council led to good solutions in the past, e. g. in the case of the new part-time options of the new stand-by services. Through the direct stream of criticism or input between union and PV one can react faster on changes. Major changes can only be reached and enforced through a strong participation of the UFO in the PV. Non-voting has consequences. It might sound slightly exaggerated. However, it holds true: An election without the participation of each and every individual, doesn't make sense at all and never will make any sense.

Of course we have a lot to say about the editing negotiation. Especially the long redaction to the topic supply has created a lot of uncertainty. Luckily this problem is over. The settlement of the VC also raises questions. That is why we, together with the PV candidates, are more than willing to talk to you personally.

I had the chance to get to know your UFO team by leading many preparing conversations. I got to know many of them when I worked for the PV, some of them in the course of their engagement for the UFO und many others, who want to be engaged for the first time. It is the best team and most capable in developing the good results of the last term und make many more things new and different.

In a nutshell: Cast your vote! And, above all, pass this message on!

Best regards, Alex

1 - Olivia Stelz, 46 Jahre 2 - Stefan Fluck, 52 Jahre 3 - Susanne French, 55 Jahre
PI, FRA, Kurs 904, seit 1995 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 544, seit 1986 bei DLH PII, MUC, Kurs 411, seit 1983 bei DLH
4 - Robert Stolle, 36 Jahre 5 - Andreas Bahadir, 51 Jahre 6 - Götz Boecke, 44 Jahre
PI, FRA, Kurs 1233, seit 2001 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 1265, seit 2001 bei DLH PI, MUC, Kurs 1062, seit 1999 bei DLH
7 - Carine Schwarz, 50 Jahre 8 - Mark Sommerfeld, 40 Jahre 9 - Benjamin Weimar, 34 Jahre
FB, FRA, Kurs 615, seit 1988 bei DLH FB, MUC, Kurs 1175, seit 2000 bei DLH FB, MUC, Kurs 1478, seit 2009 bei DLH
10 - Michael Schnur, 45 Jahre 11 - Oona Halfen, 48 Jahre 12 - Birgit Weinreich, 56 Jahre
PI, FRA, Kurs 956, seit 1997 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 775, seit 1991 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 423, seit 1983 bei DLH
13 - Stefan Schwerthelm, 50 Jahre 14 - Jürgen Blandowski, 53 Jahre 15 - Kathrin Paul, 36 Jahre
PI, FRA, Kurs 1265, seit 2001 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 1548, seit 1992 bei DLH PI, FRA, Kurs 1360, seit 2006 bei DLH
16 - Michael Grove, 29 Jahre 17 - Nadja Juratli, 49 Jahre 18 - Patrick Helke, 29 Jahre
FB, MUC, Kurs 1468, seit 2008 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 637, seit 1989 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 1545, seit 2010 bei DLH
19 - Peter Vogt, 52 Jahre 20 - Andreas Sitek, 49 Jahre 21 - Houman Hornarmand, 36 Jahre
PI, FRA, Kurs 645, seit 1989 bei DLH GPU, FRA, Kurs 1256, seit 2001 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 1374, seit 2006 bei DLH
22 - Anja Kutscher, 46 Jahre 23 - Holger Lange, 56 Jahre 24 - Helmut Kuhn, 52 Jahre
FB, DUS, Kurs 888, seit 1995 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 1259, seit 2001 bei DLH PI, FRA, Kurs 786, seit 1992 bei DLH
25 - Pat Braun, 44 Jahre 26 - Swantje Richter, 37 Jahre 27 - Asa Wesslén, 49 Jahre
PII, MUC, Kurs 826, seit 1990 bei DLH PI, FRA, Kurs 1237, seit 2001 bei DLH PII, MUC, Kurs 719, seit 1990 bei DLH
28 - Sabrina Kühberger, 33 Jahre 29 - Ute Bundszus, 50 Jahre 30 - André Goux, 55 Jahre
FB, FRA, Kurs 1398, seit 2007 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 670, seit 1989 bei DLH PI, FRA, Kurs 564, seit 1986 bei DLH
31 - Daniela Klein, 36 Jahre 32 - Samuele Carta, 39 Jahre 33 - Andrea Essig, 48 Jahre
PI, MUC, Kurs 1450, seit 2008 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 1490, seit 2007 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 1034, seit 1998 bei DLH
34 - Anna Katharina Chavier, 26 Jahre 35 - Tristan Estel, 29 Jahre 36 - Benjamin Kramer, 28 Jahre
FB, FRA, Kurs 1654, seit 2015 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 1579, seit 2011 bei DLH FB, MUC, Kurs 1507, seit 2010 bei DLH
37 - Stefan Jabs, 40 Jahre 38 - Véronique v. Westberg, 50 Jahre 39 - Daniela Orozco, 49 Jahre
FB, FRA, Kurs 1538, seit 1999 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 701, seit 1990 bei DLH FB, MUC, Kurs 1430, seit 2007 bei DLH
40 - Anne Bosse, 47 Jahre 41 - Miriam Skubsch, 38 Jahre 42 - Christian Bertuzzi, 45 Jahre
PI, DUS, Kurs 958, seit 1997 bei DLH GPU, FRA, Kurs 1310, seit 2002 bei DLH PII, FRA, Kurs 707, seit 1987 bei DLH
43 - Christoph Derbuc, 30 Jahre 44 - Daniel Flohr, 30 Jahre 45 - Thomas Lorenz, 38 Jahre
FB, FRA, Kurs 1654, seit 2014 bei DLH FB, FRA, Kurs 1534, seit 2010 bei DLH GPU, FRA, Kurs 1340, seit 2006 bei DLH

In the past the PV was elected by a system of voting for one member. You voted for candidates directly and by doing so elect a PV on your own. The new TV/PV primarily orientates on the Betriebsverfassungsgesetz (BetrVG) and therefore pursues another voting procedure. Our staff council is now elected based on the same procedure as all other working councils in Germany are elected. That is why we now also elect by list.

You can choose between three lists - the UFO list is No. 3. You cast your vote for one list and this list gets as many places in the PV proportionally to their votes, which can be compared to parliamentary elections for the Bundestag or state elections. Furthermore there is no separation in a PV for flight attendants and a PV for purser. After the election there will be a PV for all in the cabin. Due to the new regulations in the TV/PV the cabin has by far more staff representatives. Instead of 30 (FB and PUR) there are now 45.

This gives us the chance to build a team that stands for the whole program of the UFO und that has enough resources to reach all its goals. Your advantage would be that you clearly know the aims of the team on that list and which of the topics have already been tackled by our team. We have developed our goals with the candidates of the UFO in union days and many other work meetings. You can consult our flyers, booklets and this website.

We as UFO candidates are well experienced in operational and collectively agreed contexts. We are in close cooperation to the UFO. Therefore feedback to the union occurs in a quick and direct way, also in the form of controversial discussions. A good connection of the operational and collectively agreed level serves as basis that our topics are neglected und hinders that the employer gambles with the levels of participation. Together we can reach more: This starts with the shift plan of each and every employee und stretches to the enduring securing of our jobs.

A unified codetermination across different professional groups makes it more difficult for the employer to enforce his interests. That is why he falls back on power politics, to avoid a good exchange between PV and union. In our next term of office we can, must and will contravene to that decisively. We are convinced that it makes sense to cooperate with the employer. However, we are not shy going into a conflict when we think it is necessary.

We, as UFO PV team, take care of everyday topics and the important core areas of operational cooperation. Above all that we have experts with special skills, e. g. in topics like health, job planning, work security or EASA regulations.

As well mixed team we stand for diversity of cabin. Women and men, purser flight assistant, singles and married, fathers and mothers, experienced PVLers and beginners. We know what it means to work aboard and know the sorrows and problems connected to it. We have prepared us intensively and are more than willing to work on the tasks in the PV.

We are ready to take off. However, we need your vote for UFO-list No. 3.

In the course of our editorial negotiations we came across an additional topic. Due to the fact, that there is a lower amount of seats to BKK, we have for years a higher number of regional colleagues from Thailand. Lufthansa has now decided to go into conversations with these colleagues to speak about voluntary measures to correct this discrepancy. However, Lufthansa does not intend to terminate the contract of any of these colleagues until the end of 2018 although that would be possible according to the laws of Thailand. Lufthansa guarantees something that would not be necessary by law. According to us this is an important signal.

An folgenden Terminen sind die Kandidaten vor Ort:


Frankfurt, Crewkeller

19.04 - 09.05 von 7-20 Uhr
(außer an den Wochenenden)


 München, FOC

19.04 von 14-18 Uhr
20.04 - 21.04 von 12-16 Uhr
24.04 - 09.05 von 11 - 15 Uhr
(außer an den Wochenenden) 

 Wahlflyer mit allen Kandidaten

Flyer mit allen Kandidaten


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