Dear Colleagues, choose your staff council!

Why is this so important? Because without your vote everything else wouldn't make sense. It wouldn't make sense to explain that we have the best team with our UFO list that our cabin can get. It wouldn't make sense to mention, that our team is the right blend of experience und fresh air. It wouldn't make sense to steal your time just to tell you, that our team will do more for you than any other PV has before. It wouldn't make sense to say that this is only possible due to the fact that we as UFO have reached a new collective agreement Staff Council for your right to participate in the work aboard.

Of course this is slightly over the top. However, the turnout for the PV in the past was very low. Due to the new election from a list, a lower turnout has other consequences than before: In an election from a list you have a chance to get into the staff council by fewer votes compared to the majority principle. If you want a strong PV to stand for your interests and issues, you have to vote. Because in the end there is one truth: The supporters of split fractions vote in a more unified way. Fragmentation in the PV has never been a good choice. We need your vote because we don't want to live through circumstances similar to those ten years ago when we were in a situation of suing each other. This is the only way to tackle all of the topics important to you effectively. Experience has shown us that a strong cooperation between union and staff council led to good solutions in the past, e. g. in the case of the new part-time options of the new stand-by services. Through the direct stream of criticism or input between union and PV one can react faster on changes. Major changes can only be reached and enforced through a strong participation of the UFO in the PV. Non-voting has consequences. It might sound slightly exaggerated. However, it holds true: An election without the participation of each and every individual, doesn't make sense at all and never will make any sense.

Of course we have a lot to say about the editing negotiation. Especially the long redaction to the topic supply has created a lot of uncertainty. Luckily this problem is over. The settlement of the VC also raises questions. That is why we, together with the PV candidates, are more than willing to talk to you personally.

I had the chance to get to know your UFO team by leading many preparing conversations. I got to know many of them when I worked for the PV, some of them in the course of their engagement for the UFO und many others, who want to be engaged for the first time. It is the best team and most capable in developing the good results of the last term und make many more things new and different.

In a nutshell: Cast your vote! And, above all, pass this message on!

Best regards, Alex

An folgenden Terminen sind die Kandidaten vor Ort:


Frankfurt, Crewkeller

19.04 - 09.05 von 7-20 Uhr
(außer an den Wochenenden)


 München, FOC

19.04 von 14-18 Uhr
20.04 - 21.04 von 12-16 Uhr
24.04 - 09.05 von 11 - 15 Uhr
(außer an den Wochenenden) 

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