In the past the PV was elected by a system of voting for one member. You voted for candidates directly and by doing so elect a PV on your own. The new TV/PV primarily orientates on the Betriebsverfassungsgesetz (BetrVG) and therefore pursues another voting procedure. Our staff council is now elected based on the same procedure as all other working councils in Germany are elected. That is why we now also elect by list.

You can choose between three lists - the UFO list is No. 3. You cast your vote for one list and this list gets as many places in the PV proportionally to their votes, which can be compared to parliamentary elections for the Bundestag or state elections. Furthermore there is no separation in a PV for flight attendants and a PV for purser. After the election there will be a PV for all in the cabin. Due to the new regulations in the TV/PV the cabin has by far more staff representatives. Instead of 30 (FB and PUR) there are now 45.

This gives us the chance to build a team that stands for the whole program of the UFO und that has enough resources to reach all its goals. Your advantage would be that you clearly know the aims of the team on that list and which of the topics have already been tackled by our team. We have developed our goals with the candidates of the UFO in union days and many other work meetings. You can consult our flyers, booklets and this website.

An folgenden Terminen sind die Kandidaten vor Ort:


Frankfurt, Crewkeller

19.04 - 09.05 von 7-20 Uhr
(außer an den Wochenenden)


 München, FOC

19.04 von 14-18 Uhr
20.04 - 21.04 von 12-16 Uhr
24.04 - 09.05 von 11 - 15 Uhr
(außer an den Wochenenden) 

 Wahlflyer mit allen Kandidaten

Flyer mit allen Kandidaten


Unser Wahlplakat