We as UFO candidates are well experienced in operational and collectively agreed contexts. We are in close cooperation to the UFO. Therefore feedback to the union occurs in a quick and direct way, also in the form of controversial discussions. A good connection of the operational and collectively agreed level serves as basis that our topics are neglected und hinders that the employer gambles with the levels of participation. Together we can reach more: This starts with the shift plan of each and every employee und stretches to the enduring securing of our jobs.

A unified codetermination across different professional groups makes it more difficult for the employer to enforce his interests. That is why he falls back on power politics, to avoid a good exchange between PV and union. In our next term of office we can, must and will contravene to that decisively. We are convinced that it makes sense to cooperate with the employer. However, we are not shy going into a conflict when we think it is necessary.

We, as UFO PV team, take care of everyday topics and the important core areas of operational cooperation. Above all that we have experts with special skills, e. g. in topics like health, job planning, work security or EASA regulations.

As well mixed team we stand for diversity of cabin. Women and men, purser flight assistant, singles and married, fathers and mothers, experienced PVLers and beginners. We know what it means to work aboard and know the sorrows and problems connected to it. We have prepared us intensively and are more than willing to work on the tasks in the PV.

We are ready to take off. However, we need your vote for UFO-list No. 3.

An folgenden Terminen sind die Kandidaten vor Ort:


Frankfurt, Crewkeller

19.04 - 09.05 von 7-20 Uhr
(außer an den Wochenenden)


 München, FOC

19.04 von 14-18 Uhr
20.04 - 21.04 von 12-16 Uhr
24.04 - 09.05 von 11 - 15 Uhr
(außer an den Wochenenden) 

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Flyer mit allen Kandidaten


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