UFO - Unabhängige Flugbegleiter Organisation
UFO - Unabhängige Flugbegleiter Organisation

Why become an

UFO member now?


Why become an

UFO member now?


Become a member with UFO like many of your colleagues at Ryanair and thousands of flight attendants in almost all other German airlines!

Together we will then

  • elect a bargaining commission and enter into negotiations with the Ryanair management.
  • prepare a collective agreement „Staff Representatives”, so that you can establish a staff representation within the company that can take part in the discussions about working schedules and other conditions and represent you in front of the management.
  • enter into collective negotiations with the management of Ryanair to reliably regulate your holidays, working times, pension scheme, protection against dismissal and other working conditions!

Together with UFO we strengthen the staff at Ryanair and in doing so even help the company. Because only with satisfied employees we can fly safe and sound!

The union doesn‘t harm the company, but helps the company! Many other carriers with similar pricing models also have collective agreements and can in spite of that or for exactly this reason continue to fly their company model – If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

In case you worry about your membership: Ryanair will never find out that you are a member with UFO!

Your Support:

  • Learn to organize together with UFO!
  • Conclude collective agreements together with UFO!
  • Enjoy free legal advice together with UFO!
  • Create your future workplace together with UFO!
  • Have a vote in Brussels and Berlin as flight attendant together with UFO!
  • Communicate with other colleagues together with UFO!

Curious? This is UFO:

The working conditions aboard an aircraft are hardly comparable to those of other professional groups. UFO was formed to indicate the individual problems and particularly advocate for the interests of the cabin personnel.

Colleagues of other airlines, e. g. Air Berlin, Condor, Eurowings, Germania, Germanwings, Lufthansa, Lufthansa CityLine, TUIfly and SunExpress, refer to UFO as “The Cabin‘s Voice”.

As only union specialized on the interests of cabin employees in Germany alone, our highest priority is to improve and defend our working and remuneration conditions together with our tariff commission.

In addition to the company pension this includes particularly the protection against dismissal and our remuneration structure. Backed by a huge membership we can face the employer in a strong way and oppose him.

In Germany unions have a long tradition and a recognized status. They constitute the strength of the German economy. Because only in places where also the employees can shape their future, prosperity can be secured in the long term. Unions help productively to create the company and its working conditions. You‘ll find UFO members in all airlines in Germany and almost all airlines in Germany have collective agreements with UFO.


UFO helps you...

  • ... to enforce contracts of employment of indefi nite duration.
  • ... to create clear and transparent rules.
  • ... to fi ght for adequate wage for your work.
  • ... to be safeguarded in cases of sickness.
  • ... to co-determine your conditions together with other cabin colleagues.

Membership includes...

  • free legal advice
  • german tax service
  • free travel health insurance (if your main-residence is in Germany)

You pay only 5€ per month

Did we convince you? Or would you like to know more about us and our work, then become a member today. Click here for the membership application.

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