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Dear Ryanair colleagues,

in the past weeks we have met representatives of the Ryanair management and started a negotiating process.  

Our goal as a union specialized in cabin personnel is to establish sustainable good working conditions for everyone working on a Ryanair plane. This means that we will achieve the same conditions for every crew member at Ryanair based in Germany, no matter if they are employed through an agency or not!  

Together with the bargaining commission which consists of your colleagues we developed a list of demands. We are meeting the management again in September and will discuss those.  

In abbreviated form our demands include:  
Collective Remuneration Agreement 

  • Substantial pay raise 
  • Guarantee of minimum block hours per month  
  • Overtime payment per block hour if flying more 
  • Block hour count also for annual and sick leave, ground events such as trainings, standby, ...
  • Holiday Pay 

Collective Labour Agreement 

  • Stable roster: set clear rules for changes of duty times and OFF days 
  • Annual Leave: employee should be able to request dates (also during high season months!), has to be fixed and cannot be changed involuntarily 
  • Promotions based on objectively measured criteria and seniority  
  • Application of the German law (especially concerning the legal terms of protection, part-time rules and sick leave)

This is just a short enumeration of our demands. We are striving to reach the best outcomes – which we can only achieve with a solid base. The Ryanair management is not going to just give away improvements, we must have the option to exert pressure. Your colleagues all over other European bases have shown their power and went on strikes in the last months. This was a strong signal, let us work together to finish what has been started. With other German unions also being in negotiations with Ryanair you have the choice who you want to support. However, as a union from cabin personnel for cabin personnel we understand the issues moving you best.  
Together we will strengthen the staff at Ryanair. We will prepare a collective agreement “Staff Representatives”, so that you can establish a staff representation within the company that can take part in the discussion about working schedules and other conditions and represent you in front of the management.   

The easiest way to membership leads through our website.

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