UFO - Unabhängige Flugbegleiter Organisation
UFO - Unabhängige Flugbegleiter Organisation

Case allowance



Case allowance



 Dear colleagues,

we are pleased to inform you about the case allowance, that has been negotiated with DLH within the scope of a so called differentiation clause. To begin with, one point is important for all persons not employed by Lufthansa: We will also negotiate differentiation clauses with other airlines in the forthcoming negotiations.

We will now answer the most important questions on the differentiation clause negotiated with Lufthansa:

How is the entitlement to the allowance?

In general all UFO members at LH are entitled every three years to an allowance of 250 EUR (gross) offered by the employer. The only thing you have to do is to fill in an application form via the UFO homepage. 

In terms of payment Lufthansa, under the supervision of a data protection officer, will receive the application form only for the purpose of transferring the allowance. This info will not be attached and we will not pass on any of your data, neither to superiors nor to the flight company.

Applicants who are on parental leave, on unpaid leave or who are long-term sick cannot apply for the allowance until the conditions of entitlement have been met. Applications rejected by the LH must be resubmitted by the member.

How long does it take from the time of the application until the disbursement of funds?

The applications are always forwarded on the 15th of the month. Consequently members who apply before the 15th of a month will receive the allowance on their payslip on the 27th one month later.

Is there one particular trader or can I decide myself?

In general you can decide yourself where to spend your money. However, we have negotiated special conditions with the case store in Kelsterbach (www.airliner-shop.com). In this store you, as members of the aviation industry, can benefit not only from the special conditions. Above that you will receive only within the scope of the differentiation clause in terms of the case allowance an “organizer” or a shoe bag, when you buy the case in store or online. On top of that our UFO members will receive discounted special offers in the set. These sets are in line with the uniform regulations and can therefore be written off against tax in connection with the abovementioned confirmation.
However, because this is an exclusive offer, we kindly ask you to bring along and present our confirmation mail in printed or digital form when you buy the case in the shop.


Members of Lufthansa can find the application form after logging in above this article.
Enjoy your new case.

Always happy landings
Your UFO

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