Aktuelle Themen rund um Ryanair

Foto Pixabay JanClaus

Dear colleagues of Ryanair (including Crewlink & Workforce),

last week a number of representatives of UFO alongside four of our colleagues from Ryanair representing your interests, were invited to a negotiation in Dublin. 

This first meeting was regarding the basic positions of the two parties as with their expectations towards each other.

An important and unresolved point thus so far; which national law shall be applied. The conclusion of a contract for employees in Germany only makes sense if subjected to German law.

This same concept is applicable for employment contracts in general, so that all implicated are protected by German employment and social laws. Ryanair naturally does have an opposing point of view, being to apply -as much as possible- Irish laws.


Dear Colleagues,

during the Easter days the first strike of the Ryanair cabin crews took place.
The Portuguese EurECCA trade union SNPVAC called its members on strike for a total of three days in order to reach a basic agreement for negotiations with the management. Participation in the strike was above expectations, although, as you know, most of the colleagues are employed on fixed-term contracts. The UFO Director for International Relations and EurECCA General Secretary Christoph Drescher, who is a flight attendant himself, took part to support the fellows in solidarity.


The European Cabin Crew Association EurECCA is an European organisation based in Belgium at the heart of Europe. It is made up of cabin crew unions from European Union Member States as well as accession states and bordering states.

EurECCA has no political connections; it concentrates on the interest of flight attendants speaking for actual more than 70% of organized cabin crew all over Europe.

EurECCA promotes and fights for the well- developed European social model to improve general living and working conditions for its members in the European framework.

EurECCA is rooted in the airline industry, not politically aligned, independent with experts on cabin crew matters sharing the vision of a democratic, solidary and prosperous Europe, to work together on these matters on the European level.


Become a member with UFO like many of your colleagues at Ryanair and thousands of flight attendants in almost all other German airlines!

Together we will then

  • elect a bargaining commission and enter into negotiations with the Ryanair management.
  • prepare a collective agreement „Staff Representatives”, so that you can establish a staff representation within the company that can take part in the discussions about working schedules and other conditions and represent you in front of the management.
  • enter into collective negotiations with the management of Ryanair to reliably regulate your holidays, working times, pension scheme, protection against dismissal and other working conditions!

Together with UFO we strengthen the staff at Ryanair and in doing so even help the company. Because only with satisfied employees we can fly safe and sound!